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Center Of Excellence Spotlight: United Ability

The work we do is furthered by the efforts of many of our Centers of Excellence.

Meet United Ability, once such Center that dedicates itself to the success of their AAC users. We're pleased to spotlight their achievements and thank them for all they do for their community.

We appreciate you!

United Ability

United Ability’s outpatient program was established in 2011 with the vision of providing AAC resources to families, and serving a need in the greater Birmingham community for outpatient services for individuals with multiple disabilities.

United Ability has had a long-term partnership with PRC and the Center for AAC and Autism since its inception. We have loved hosting LAMP trainings, and our families and community have greatly benefited from the LAMP approach being present in our homes and schools.

We currently serve 120+ AAC sessions a month, with a wide variety of needs and differences. We also offer conversation groups, so that our AAC users can build community together. United Ability therapists treat with a background in family training, and with a whole-child perspective, knowing that the AAC users we serve are valuable members of families, schools, and communities. For that reason, our therapists continue to offer creative ways to be present and partner with teachers and families through AAC Community Trainings.

We’ve also had many opportunities to present and teach on our approach to AAC at conferences locally and nationally. In December 2019, after many months of dreaming and planning, we hosted our very first LAMP Lab in partnership with the Center for AAC and Autism and the University of Montevallo, a new spin on LAMP training that brings whole teams of family and school personnel together to learn how to best fit AAC use into daily life.

Family members and teachers received LAMP training together, and then had hands on opportunities to practice with their AAC user present. What a great day of conversation and team-building!

Here at United Ability, our goal is to never stop dreaming and finding creative ways for our community to unite and support AAC users.