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Leah: The Power Of FUN

Leah came to my school in Fall 2020 as a 6th grader. She had a communication device with LAMP Words for Life® but did not like to use it. She would push it away or put it face down on the table. Because of her dislike for the device, I decided to go back to the basics of FUN. We started playing games and being silly while using her device. That year we also got her an updated device and she got to pick the color. She has thrived since then!

She is able to use three-word sentences now and communicate to mom things she likes and doesn’t like about school. She has names of friends and teachers that she can talk about and request. She enjoys bossing her classmates around on her device (telling her friends to sit down). She is also a sweet friend and helps other classmates find words on their talkers.

I am so proud of Leah and how far she has come! We also started working on reading with her talker and her print awareness, letter identification, and sight word recognition have come so far!

Story provided by Sara Stewart, Speech Language Pathologist